Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Five words you don't want to hear: "you just missed Brad Pitt"

We just missed Brad Pitt and one of his sons when we were in New York City. I am sure Brad and I would have hit it off beautifully becaues Angelina Jolie Angelina and I have a lot in common.

Ok, so she is a young, beautiful and a talented actress and I am a 40 something, slightly overweight, harried mom who and can't act her way out of a paper bag-but really here is what we share:

1. growing our families through adoption

2. trans-racial families

3. working moms

4. a deep committment to make the world a better place

Angelina and Brad have the eyes of the world press on them all the time. I have a seven year old velcroed to me most of the time-but I have you. And there are kids that need your help (and you don't even have to adopt them!).

Child abuse-running the gamet from bullying to death-is a huge issue right here in the good ole US of A and there are MILLIONS of children that need to be protected right now. On behalf of these children I have set up a fund-raising program thru Firstgiving-a safe and well respected online fundraising operation-to raise money for Love Our Children, USA ( a nearly decade old non-profit dedicated to ending all forms of child abuse. And knowing the executive director, Ross Ellis as I do, they will succeed.

Here is the link to the site:

Any little bit helps-and no contribution is too small. Someone very wise told me once "it takes a lot of raindrops to fill the ocean".

So let's let some raindrops fall into our ocean-starting right now.

Now let me get back to Jolie-Pitt watching-maybe next time, I will get to have that little chat with Brad. And I hear that he really IS that handsome.



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