Friday, July 13, 2007

Not so funny Friday.

I know, I usually make this fun Friday, but I saw this on and it stopped me cold. If Overheard at the beach really comprises things that people actually overhear and submit then this is racism at its worst-and reflects the ignorance of the speaker.

If it is a "joke" that is even worse. "Jokes" can and do reinforce and spread racism and bias. When we think we are 'funny' at someone else's expense-what does that say about us?

Ask yourself if this is funny or racist-it can't be both can it?

I Was Told This Was a Gated Community

Mom: I don't think we can stay at this hotel the whole time.
Daughter: Why? What's wrong? It's not that bad...
Mom: No, there's just so many Mexicans at the pool.
Daughter: We're in Mexico, mother!

--Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

With Respect:

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